Role of Security and Surveillance Solutions in Securing Cities


The rapid pace of urbanization has brought up new challenges for governments, and their populace all over the globe. Whereas urban space provides new opportunities for a greater quality of life, it also poses many security threats for their citizens. A rise in the occurrence of criminal activities and terrorism has prompted the government to come up with effective response mechanisms. To mitigate the ramifications of these situations, the government needs real-time monitoring across the country. This has led to an increased demand for security and surveillance solutions like video surveillance in sectors like airports, hospitality, public transport, government buildings, office buildings, educational centers etc. to tackle crime and terrorism and keep people safe in the country.

With the growing IT sector, different security and surveillance tools have been introduced such as video recording, intrusion detection, remote/central monitoring stations, access control, fire alarm and disaster management system. The main advantage which government gets from employing these security and surveillance solutions is to ensure public safety efficiently. It aids in bringing down the crime rates by acting as a deterrent. Criminals are less likely to commit crimes if they know there are cameras around them. City surveillance is also useful for post-incident investigation as it helps in providing video footage of the incidents. Thus, these solutions help make cities safer and secure by maintaining social control, recognizing and monitoring threats and preventing or investigating criminal activities.

Smart cities have become the newest buzzword today. The evolution of smart cities is increasingly driving the shift towards a safer city. More and more cities are making use of security and surveillance solutions as part of their smart cities initiatives since a smart city is where people feel secure and protected. Security and Surveillance is very essential in terms of traffic management and road accidents management, too. The solutions streamline traffic flow and proactively manage traffic conditions. Needless to say, employing security and surveillance solutions can help in ensuring public safety, protecting property, preventing crimes and hence in making of smart cities. At the end of the day, the security of the country continues to be a major concern for the government so that both the nation’s assets, as well as its people, remain safe and secure.

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